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Palestra da Professora Karen Smith

Speech given by Professor Karen Smith, from the University of Cape Town, on May 17, 2013 at CAENI-USP

Even though the IBSA has pragmatic interest-driven motivations, it also seems that there is still a strong ideological current that underlies the grouping as well. If we look at the pragmatic motivations, the IBSA started off trying to engage within the context of the WTO – so it is very pragmatic in that sense. But at the same time these three countries still have a very strong discourse and rhetoric about wanting to change the world and making the world fairer in terms of global redistribution and etc. This has to do, of course, with the histories of these countries and their history of southern solidarity from which they cannot really get away. There is one quote in which Mbeki summarizes this. He says: “Although states are purposive calculators trying to achieve clearly defined national interests, the actual perception of those interests is rooted in an intricate process of identity building which goes far beyond rational calculations and purely materialistic interpretations”. There is talk about global change, there is talk about reforming the global system, but, very importantly, they say that “It is not just for us, it is for the rest of the global South. It is for everybody in the developing world.” Continue lendo

Palestra da Professora Indiana Surupa Gupta

Speech given by Professor Surupa Gupta at CAENI-USP, 17 May 2013.

My paper looks at the South-South cooperation issue less from the IBSA or from the global level down, and more from the Indian foreign policy perspective into the reasons why India has been doing – or has not been doing – a few things in the past years (about 10 years), and where the IBSA, the BRICS and other areas of cooperation fit into India´s foreign policy. Continue lendo