Training – Courses Offered

Two courses are offered regularly:

  • Training in International Negotiations

Objective: To provide specific technical training for professionals and students who are involved in activities related to the field of international negotiations, such as research and specialized advising in both private companies and governmental agencies.

  • Advanced Training in International Negotiations

Objective: To provide specific technical training for professionals, students and researchers who are involved in the field of international negotiations. The curriculum includes intensive practice and multilateral simulations.

Other courses are offered sporadically:

  • Training in SPSS

Objective: To introduce the most popular statistical package in the social sciences: SPSS. Having the knowledge to operate this software will allow students to work with opinion polls, market research, cross-sectional studies and virtually any other database.

  • Introduction to R

Objective: Introductory course to the statistical package R in its latest 2.15.1 version. The objective is to provide researchers and Political Science, International Relations and related majors’ students with an introduction to the main functions of this software.

  • English for Intercultural Negotiations

Objective: To provide training in the use of the English language in intercultural and international relations. This workshop is conducted in English and offers a cultural immersion experience. Through simulations and case study, knowledge about how to deal with the complexities of intercultural negotiations will be acquired.

All of these courses are open to the community. There are no pre-requisites to apply to the Training and Advanced Training in International Negotiation courses. For the other courses, instructors will define if there will be pre-requisites or not. The Center offers discounted prices to Caeni alumni and to persons involved with partner institutions (in order to establish a partnership, send an e-mail to

For further information, click here or visit the facebook group.

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