Jean Monnet Supplement, n. 6, Ano 1


This is the Jean Monnet Supplement’s first issue in English, rather than Brazil’s mother tongue of Portuguese, done with the intention of expanding EU-Brazil collaborations and understanding between the Institute for International Relations (IRI) as well as the Caeni Center for internation negotiations, within IRI, here at the University of São Paulo. The four topics address today illustrate the breadth of coverage of the ongoing work here at IRI and Caeni in particular.

In addition to reporting by João Trigo on important lectures here at IRI – this month on European Union foreign policy strategies by Professor Isabel Maria Freitas Valente from the University of Coimbra in Portugal – this Jean Monnet Supplement includes an insight into the research by Rafael Nunes Magalhães on Brazil’s aid donorship, and a topical comment by Daniela Ferreira Gomes de Matos on the potential of the US President Elect to undo the Paris Agreement. I include my working paper analysing the EU legal provision for continuity of Scotland’s EU membership should it indeed seek its future at the heart of Europe rather than within the UK should it eventually seceed from the European Union.

As part of the Brazil-Caeni-EU Project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, 2017 will be an exciting year, with the kick off of the multidisciplinary Young Researcher Conference on 14 & 15 February 2017. We hope to have the benefit of your interest as we step up our activities in order to include contributions on all matters EU-Brazil. Please do get in contact should you have comments and analysis to contribute to our Jean Monnet Supplement to the Análise Caeni Newsletter.

With the very of the season’s greetings,
Kirstyn Inglis
Visiting Professor with the Institute for International Relations (IRI), USP, and
Vice Co-ordinator of the Brazil-Caeni-EU project

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