Seminário “Science Diplomacy as an Instrument of Prosperity and Justice”

Tema: Science Diplomacy as an Instrument of Prosperity and Justice
Palestrante: Dra Maria Arruda – Strategic Lead – UoN COVID-19 Research Portfolio at University of Nottingham.
Data: 11/06 (sexta-feira) às 10h30am (GMT-3)
Plataforma Zoom:
Observação: palestra será ministrada em inglês.

About Dr. Maria Augusta Arruda:

Maria Augusta Arruda is Chair of the University of Nottingham’s Black and Asian Minority Staff Network. She holds a BSc. and PhD. In Pharmacology from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), where she was also a senior lecturer. She chaired the Academic Department of Farmanguinhos-Fiocruz, the pharmaceutical arm of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, before joining the University of Nottingham. After a fulfilling 14-year career as an Academic and Researcher, Maria moved to Research Development Management. She is now the Strategic Lead for the COVID-19 Research Portfolio of the University, which spans from economic recovery to immunology, from gender imbalance to mental health. She also manages the University’s strategic relationship with UK Research and Innovation Research Councils, and has led the University’s Research Development Network. She has been researching and experimenting novel ways of channelling her passion and commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), particularly concerning (Science) Communication and Diplomacy. Maria is also an advisor for the Black Women in Science Network, and trustee of the Nottingham Counselling Service.

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