International innovation initiatives to fight the Covid-19 pandemic



The outbreak of Covid-19 disease and its rapid development into a global pandemic has caught nearly all countries by surprise and has evidenced the need for urgent innovative solutions in the health sector. In this effort, national health systems have been relying not only on local technology companies but also – with varying degrees – on foreign suppliers. The pandemic has also given rise to major international collaborations, such as the one between Oxford University and 7 multinational manufacturers in order to be ready to produce vaccines on a large scale. Similar arrangements have been established to develop new drugs, technologies for therapies and personal protective equipment.

This webinar gathers specialists from various national health ecosystems in order to discuss how countries have been tackling their respective technology gaps in the context of the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2. More specifically, it will discuss what role international collaborations can play and have played to address the most urgent needs of the actors involved in the fight against the virus.

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